Friday, 7 February 2014

It's Friday so here's some surprised owls for you...

"You shall not sneak up on Great Grey Godzilla when he is scaling the Empire State Tree"
©Jari Peltomaki

Einstein-haired Barn Owls show their delight by forming the Tyto version of the three tenors
©Joe Kosack

Rinjani Scops Owl is shocked and appalled that it took you so long for him to be formally described by science.
©Philippe Verbelen

There was that time a bunch of Tengmalm's Owls (gremlins) were interrupted playing sardines 

This Snowy Owl in Denmark is not pleased to be upstaged by a mere Ivory Gull
© Kenneth Bach Christensen

Elf Owl was not expecting you until 8, and is slightly annoyed that you're early

Powerful Owl didn't see you there...
©Maureen Smith

and one for silliness...

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